Run Berlin Virtual

Run Berlin Virtual

  • £1,000 Target
  • Event date Sun 26th Sep 2021
  • Location Anywhere
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The Virtual Marathon Majors are designed to make you the best that you can virtually be!

The Virtual Marathon Series run asks you to take on a range of challenges all based around the original marathon distance of 26.2 miles. You don't have to do your run on a specific day - you can complete your run anytime in 2021. 

Each Virtual Marathon Series run has a special challenge linked to the event, based on a piece of marathon history specific to the event location. So whether it is beating ancient marathon times or getting your next PB, the Virtual Marathon Series will help you virtually become the greatest of all time.

Run Berlin Virtual

This is the Half Marathon Challenge therefore on your own or in a pair you need to submit two half marathon times. If you are feeling adventurous submit times and try and defeat the Marathon World Record, just over the half marathon distance to be added to our speical leaderboard.


Individuals need to submit two half marathon times in a month to the runners console. You will have access to this console once you have registered. 

Team Submission

If you feel 4 legs are better than 2 you and a running partner will need to submit 1 half marathon time each on the same day.

Submit your evidence to calculate your marathon time and receive your Run Berlin Silver medal/medals.

How to sign up

Click the register button to sign up and pay your £25 registration fee.

Contact Us

For more information please contact the fundraising team.

Tel: 020 8548 7089