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Pick Your Peak Challenge



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Join us in March for our new and exciting Pick your Pick challenge.

Our membership is made up of veterans who have suffered life changing injures and who have had many mountains to climb on the long road to recovery, using physical activity as part of their own rehabilitation.

Whether you have a personal peak to summit in 2021 or simply want to get more active, the latest Blesma challenge invites you to climb your own motivational mountain, whether an actual or a virtual summit. The Pick your Peak Challenge allows you to choose one of four famous Peaks; Cat Bells, Pen Y fan, Ben Nevis or for the greatest challenge, Mount Olympus! Sign up and get climbing, either outside, up the stairs, on a stair machine or even in a climbing centre.

Pick your peak choose from the following:
? Cat Bells - 451m (Level 1) - 2,200 stairs or 169 flights of stairs
? Pen Y Fan - 886m (Level 2) - 4,400 stairs or 338 flights of stairs
? Ben Nevis - 1345m (Level 3) - 6,700 stairs or 515 flights of stairs
? Mount Olympus - 2918m (Level 4) - 14,500 stairs or 1,115 flights of stairs

How it works
Now you have chosen your peak you need to complete the challenge by tracking your elevation if walking uphill or complete the number of steps using a set of stairs or a stair machine for your chosen peak. Alternatively, you can complete the number of flights of stairs for your chosen peak.

If you use a stair machine in a gym, it will tell you your elevation and the number of steps you have completed as well as the number of flights of stairs. Track this by taking photos of the machine to show you have completed the challenge.

If you are walking or climbing outside, you will need to use Strava or another fitness tracking device to track either your elevation or the number of uphill steps you have completed. If you use Strava you can link it directly to your fundraising page.

You have the whole of March to complete your chosen peak, so you can either do it all at once or break it up and complete it over the month.

How to sign up?
Please click on the register now button to sign up. There is a £25 registration fee for individual Adults and a £15 registration fee for Children under 16 years of age.

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First donation made!

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